Spring is in full SWING!

Below find a list of commonly overlooked household items that are in need of yearly maintenence after a long, snowy winter!  The snow and ice takes a toll on even the newest of homes.


Fireplace cleaning

Heater/ AC unit/ Air cleaners/ Humidifier cleaning and yearly maintenence

Hot Water Heater

Window and doors  (check seals and hinges and screens)

Change batteries in Smoke Detectors

Burgular alarm (check contact sensors and safety check on system control)

Fire Safety plan review

Sump Pump (check for leaks, signs of function and battery back-up sump pump check)

Basement (check for signs of water damage/ floor faults/rodents)

Attic/Crawl Spaces (check for signs of rodent, infestation, insulation)



Mulching/ Planting

Driveway Sealing

Roof and gutters (check for loose or missing shingles, clear out leaves and debris)

Infestation treatments (for bees, ants, spider removal)

Outdoor landscaping/ Security lighting

Restain and seal wood decks and swingsets every 2-3 years

Patios and retaining walls (check for cracks)